About us

Early Days
As a Father and Son team, Jake and Richard's passion of wood runs deep.
Some of Jake's earliest memories are working in his Grandfather's workshop, helping him select the best quality raw wood, sizing and preparing it for his Grandfather to turn, he would create the most intricate pieces using a variety of hard and soft woods, finished to the highest quality. Jake collected the traditional skills learnt from his Grandfather and fused them with the modern technology now available.
With a strong skill set and a desire to share his passion of wood lead to the birth of Stair Art. In its infancy a company with no real identity Stair Art would manufacture many different products including wardrobes and other furniture.
When Richard joined his son, they took the decision to focus totally  on the creation of bespoke staircases, delivering a product that would not only met their clients needs and desires but would truly meet the test of time