Measuring Advice

It's important to measure the angle of your staircase correctly. If you are opting for Spindles you have some tolerance, as long as you are within 1° your spindles will fit without issue.

If you opt for glass balustrade you want the angle accurate to within half a degree. We would also recommend at least 50mm "air gaps" on your panels, that way any discrepancy is usually unnoticeable.

Which angle should I measure?

The angle of your staircase is measured from the horizontal axis (parallel to the floor) to the underside of the Stringer (or baserail).

If you are using an angle finder

You can measure the angle between your newel post and the top of your stringer (or baserail)**please be aware**you will need to subtract the figure given from 90 to get the correct angle. Its also worth checking your newel post is plumb using a spirit level.

Get an angle finder

Using your mobile phone

You can find the correct angle of your staircase by using our angle-finder tool (simply open this app on your mobile phone or tablet) its not currently available on Safari however there are many angle finder apps within your app store.
We recommend you check the angle on a couple of devices to ensure accuracy.
* StairArt online store will not accept responsibility for inaccurate angles taken from a mobile device

Angle finder app

Measuring the width of your aperture

Always measure horizontallyThe "Width" of each aperture is always measured horizontally, even when there is an angle. Measurements are taken from the inside of each newel post. If you plan to use our newel cladding kit you will need to deduct the 15mm cladding thickness from either side.

Measuring the height of your aperture

Always measure vertically The "height" of each aperture is measured vertically against your newel post, from the underside of your handrail to the top of the baserail.


  • Clamped system the height needs to be taken between rails minus 44mm The glass clamp margin is 22mm above & below.

  • Embedded system the height needs to allow for the groove in your rails. please allow for a 15mm groove in your handrail and 15mm into your baserail.