Matching spindles

At Stair Art, we can create a near perfect replica of your existing or damaged spindles.

Matching Handrail

Whether you would like us to copy your existing handrail or create something unique.

Matching newel post

Our team of craftsmen, will skillfully turn any design or match any existing newel post.

  • Send us a detailed photograph

    Best option for newel posts,

    Send us a clear front-on image for Spindles and newel post or end section shape for the handrail along with any dimension.

  • Send us a detailed drawing with dimension

    Best option for handrail,

    Send us a clear drawing of the end section shape along with any dimension.

  • Send us the original

    Securely package the original spindle or section of handrail and post it to us along with your contact details, quantity and timber requirements.

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